NASHVILLE – Meritor has released the MFS+, a lighter-weight steer axle designed to be 85 pounds lighter than the current offering, the company announced at the 2016 TMC Annual Meeting.

The MFS+ is lighter due to a gooseneck beam design and an offset knuckle with integrated torque plate and tie-rod arms. The new design also reduces space constraints for better access by technicians. The MFS+ is designed for mounting each brake at “12 o’clock” for easier removal.

"The system's low-profile design improves overall packaging to simplify integration into the chassis," said Chris Villavarayan, Meritor’s president of Americas. "The MFS+ also offers high-angle turning capacity up to 55 degrees and universal compatibility with braking systems."

The axle is available in standard and wide track and has a gross axle weight rating between 12,000 and 13,200 pounds.