Meritor has launched the FastSet King Pin Kit designed to be a quicker solution to aftermarket king pin replacement.

The kit requires no reamers, special tools and presses which saves labor, time and equipment costs. With the kit, king pin bushings do not need to be reamed after they are installed into the steering knuckle. Instead of pressing in the bushings during installation, customers can use to the kit to install spiral bushings by hand. Additionally, the king pin’s groove pattern design allows grease to permeate high-wear areas.

"This new king pin offering meets an industry need for an economical, but high-quality, no-ream kit that will significantly reduce repair time," said Pete Stow, senior manager, steering and suspension, aftermarket for Meritor. "With the elimination of so much labor and special tool requirements, installation can take place at the end user level, and costly repair shop visits can be avoided.”

The Meritor FastSet King Pin Kit is covered by Meritor’s standard aftermarket warranty.