The Mahle Letrika AZG family of electric starters is designed for the high-output requirements of large displacement diesel engines used in commercial trucks.

The starters use a two-stage engagement to prevent damage and overloading of the starter pinion and the engine ring gear. AZG starters are available in a 12-volt version for diesel engines of 6.0L to 15.0L displacement and a 24-volt version for engine displacements of 7.0L to 26.0L.  Noiseless variations are available for specific engine applications.

Both designs feature high specific power output of 6.5 kW for the 12-volt and 9.5kW for the 24-volt version. This gives them good cold crank capability while exhibiting low battery current drain, according to Mahle. They are designed with a six-roller clutch driver assembly and a solenoid switch, with pull-in and hold-in winding, constructed for effective breaking of the main contacts.

AZG starters feature reduced weight and size in comparison to direct drive starter motors with weights ranging from 30- to 30.9 pounds.