GivenHansco has released the Keystone On-Demand Mobile App – an extension of its Keystone Dispatch, Truck Tracking and Financials suite and  Keystone FX reporting. Both extend the features of Keystone software suite products.

On-Demand provides live business intelligence to ready-mix sales personnel, plant managers and owners in the field. Designed by GivenHansco in-house, On-Demand is written for and compatible with most iPad and Android devices.

“Rather than mimic the functionality of our desktop applications, we took great care to create an app focused on the essential tasks that mobile employees need to accomplish,” said Mike Sanders, GivenHansco president. “The app leverages the vast array of data from the Keystone Office Suite yet doesn’t overwhelm the user with information overload.”

Keystone FX allows ready-mix producers to pull vital data from the Keystone Accounting and Dispatch suite, and dynamically link data to Microsoft Excel to create convenient, customized, and reliable reports.

This unique, industry specific financial reporting suite takes advantage of data from the user’s entire operation−combining all levels of data into Excel templates for flexible report productivity.

Keystone FX is a tool for making customized financial statements and balance sheets. Additionally, FX simplifies the creation of reports on the whole Keystone suite including: general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, sales, and dispatch.

Starting with pre-built templates, Keystone users simply hit the ‘Create Report’ button and reports are quickly created and opened in Excel. By leveraging in-house Excel expertise reports can be customized and extra features such as charts and pivot tables can be quickly added based on their desired parameters.

Ultimately, Keystone FX’s integrated reporting tools can allow small-to-mid-size producers to compete with the bigger production players by giving them an easy way to run operational reporting with the type of comprehensive information usually leveraged by large corporations.

FX is cost-effective and offers a simple, user-friendly structure−automatically importing cross-platform data into no-hassle Excel spreadsheet templates to make convenient, custom reports.

Keystone FX also uses National Ready Mixed Concrete Association integration built into Keystone Financials to facilitate generation of the NRMCA survey report. Taking advantage of the NRMCA survey is the smart way for producers to track how their company compares to the industry.

Additionally, FX can provide Key Performance Index Reports that measure the productivity of individual plants. Tracking factors such as yards per hour, or sales quantity vs. budget quantity provides managers immediate and specific data for each plant.