Perrin Manufacturing’s Dynasys SL APU is an 18-inch wide HVAC system designed to fit in all major day cab configurations and most traditional sleeper cab styles.

The Dynasys SL focuses solely on operator comfort and climate control of a vehicle’s cabin. The system is designed to be lightweight and features a belt-driven AC compressor that generates up to 24,000 BTU hours of cooling power. It delivers up to 8,000 BTU hours of heating strength from the heat dissipation of its diesel power plant.

Designed to be compact, the Dynasys SL can fit the frame rail mounting space of most day cabs and weights 25% less than a standard Dynasys model. Unlike its larger cousin, the Dynasys Sl does not have an AC power generator in order to maintain a smaller size and weight.

The unit uses a corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer envelope and a heavy-duty zinc-plated frame with a powder coating. The Dynasys SL has an in-cab, touchscreen user interface controller.

The unit was also designed with noise reduction technology, keeping noise levels at or below 75 decibels under a full load. It is powered by a two cylinder Caterpillar CO.5i diesel engine, with an EPA emissions rating of Tier-4. The unit attaches to existing fuel tanks and can operate on less than one quarter of the diesel fuel needed to idle a Class 8 diesel engine.

The Dynasys SL day cab has four large multi-directional air vents, two large integrated cup holders and two storage trays. It also includes a USB charging port and a common 12-volt DC power receptacle.