Stertil-Koni released a full-color touch screen control console for its wireless mobile column lifts. The console is designed to provide maximum visual information about the lifting process while being intuitive to use.

The console is called the ebright Smart Control System and will be available on the Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT wireless mobile column lift. The EARTHLIFT has a per column lifting capacity of either 18,500 pounds or 22,000 pounds depending on the model.

The ebright Smart Control System has a 7-inch full-color screen that is illuminated and designed to be touch sensitive, even when wearing gloves. There are customization options including configurable controls, choice of language and personalized ID keys to protect against unauthorized use.

The screen displays all relevant information at a glance, says Stertil-Koni and can be used to control up to 32 mobile columns as a fully synchronized single set. The screen displays data for all lifts in use including the mobile column set being used, the load on each individual column and the battery status of each column.

The columns are made with components that are 98% recyclable and the Active Energy Retrieval system allows operators to achieve 35% more lifting cycles at maximum lifting load. This allows users to potentially average 45-50 lifting cycles on a standard sized transit bus without recharging.

The ebright Smart Control System will be included in all new wireless mobile column lifts shipped in the first half of 2015, says Stertil-Koni.

“With the ebright Smart Control System, Stertil-Koni is delivering measurable, actionable data directly to the person who needs it most – the vehicle maintenance technician on the ground,” said Jean DellAmore, president at Stertil-Koni. “That’s powerful and further demonstrates our commitment to providing the very best heavy duty vehicle lifting systems in the industry.”