ComFreight is expanding its Rate Index Tool which allows trucking and logistics companies to check what the average rate is for given lanes in the trucking market. The updates are being added to the rate index tool to help current and future carrier and broker subscribers at no additional charge.

The updated tool now includes average rate per mile, estimated fuel costs, estimated gross revenue and estimated route miles. The new tool is currently in live beta testing.

Trucking Market Rate is a powerful metric that allows companies to make decisions day to day that can effect pricing and rate strategies, says ComFreight.

“Users want more accurate data and tools that they can access and use anytime anywhere,” said Steve Kochan, CEO of ComFreight.

ComFreight is a web app which means that users can access and use the tool without having to install or download software or apps to a device. It also has the benefit of acting like a mobile app when being accessed from a smartphone or tablet.

“We believe in putting the power of the full site directly into the hands of our users,” said Kochan. “Whether they are accessing the web app from an office desktop computer or checking rate data or bidding on a shipper load from their smartphone when outside of the office.”