Minimizer introduced an 18-inch poly toolbox designed to fit into many tight places on a truck or truck chassis. The toolbox allows for different applications on truck, trailer and off-highway vehicles.

Minimizer’s tool box is made of solid molded plastic materials that are durable enough for most worksites or weather. They will never rust, crack or need paint, the company says. The 18-inch toolbox only weighs 22.8 pounds which is much lighter than comparable metal tool boxes.

“The minimizer poly-toolbox is weatherproof and eliminates corrosion factors and leaking that is normally not seen on metal tool boxes,” said Roger Malatt, vice president of sales at Minimizer. “Combined with our heavy duty hardware, it provides the best protection to keep your toolbox safe and secure.”

The 18-inch toolbox is designed to fit a tight space and house liftgate controls and provides a right to left door orientation for the driver’s side. It can also be a solution for easy access to electrical hook-ups, hydraulic controls, fuel cells, battery boxes, spill kits, and hazmat kits.

“Our customers give high marks to the Minimizer 24-inch and 36-inch toolboxes and expressed an interest in a more compact size,” said Jason Roads, director of marketing at Minimizer. “We listened and we delivered.”