The Forklift Inflator is an air pump made by Shippers Products that attaches to a forklift and provides a portable way to inflate dunnage airbags when loading a trailer with cargo.

The Forklift Inflator replaces bulkier methods that require air hoses and air compressors to function, says Shippers Products. There are no air lines or air carts needed and the Inflator doesn’t need to be recharged because it runs off of the forklift battery.

The package comes with an air hose and bracket for storage and a universal attachment for securing to a forklift. The Forklift inflator works with all ITW Shippers lightweight airbags. The entire unite weighs 7.5 pounds, has a 15 foot hose and pumps out a maximum pressure of 1.5 P.S.I.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty.