Vigillo is upgrading the Athena big data platform with new capabilities and features including customized fuel and maintenance dashboards.

The new capabilities in this update are a fuel dashboard which includes the location, volume and total purchases of fuel. Vigillo says the fuel dashboard can help a company make more informed decisions about fuel and optimize purchasing.

There is also a new maintenance dashboard which uses private CSA data combined with internal maintenance and breakdown information to create reports about how the company is being affected by it.

Lastly, there is now a U.S. legal channel and court dispositions dashboard which reveals the disposition of driver citations by state, county, violation type, CSA/MVR, fine reduction and time to disposition.

Athena is a cloud based platform that allows customers to have access to analytics and data about their fleets including highway statistics, weigh station information and weather. In the five months since Athena launched it has exceeded 1 billion records on 17 enterprise servers, says Vigillo.