ITI has flipped the switch on mobile for its Pro-Tread online training, meaning every course will work on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the browsers of in-cab electronic communication and tracking devices.

Truck drivers can now access Pro-Tread’s entire library on any mobile device. The online training program also updated four of its hazmat courses, including a railroad crossing safety for trucks and three courses on car safety for four-wheeled fleet vehicles.  

New Pro-Tread Courses include:

  • Hazmat Communication Rules
  • Hazmat Loading and Placarding
  • Hazmat Driving and Parking Rules
  • Hazmat Security Awareness
  • Railroad Safety
  • Automobiles - Avoiding Fixed Objects
  • Automobiles - Defensive Driving
  • Automobiles - Parking Lots

Along with the new courses are upgrades to the existing truck training program.

Pro-Tread courses cannot be fast forwarded through to make sure each lesson is being watched. The mobile courses are browser-based so any type of phone with Internet access can see the information. Lastly, to be more compatible with smartphones, Adobe Flash has been phased out from the program.

Instructional Technologies Inc., the maker of Pro-Tread, offers more than 100 transportation-specific courses.

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