Morgan has released a cold plate refrigeration system for trailers and truck bodies.

Cold plates are pre-chilled and keep commodities at proper temperatures without use of engine-driven reefer units or idling the truck’s main engine while a vehicle makes its rounds. They use no motor fuels so they emit no pollutants, and there are no inaccessible parts to try to clean.

Morgan partnered with Dole Refrigeration to provide extra reliability and dependability to keep products cold and fresh, said Paul Jarossy, Morgan’s director of business development. 

The system uses minimal energy while being robust and reliable under all transport conditions, he said. Products can stay cold all day in an un-opened cargo area. During the cooling phase, typically at night, Morgan’s system runs on 208/230 or 440 volts, as spec’d by the customer, and defrosts and re-cools the plates. 

Medium- and deep-frozen types are offered for various commodities. A medium-temp system with a blower runs temps in the 35-40 degree range (for deli meats, cheeses, and condiments), or at higher temperatures. Deep frozen temps are for ice cream, frozen vegetables, pizza, etc. 

Morgan said it uses easy-to-clean walls and doors, the latter in swing or roll-up styles. 

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