Permatex has added a new, solvent-free hand cleaner specially designed for professional technicians. Fast Orange Professional Hand Cleaner uses the latest advances in hand cleaners with cleaning capability infused with new odor eliminating technology. Fast Orange Professional works just as well as the original Fast Orange but delivers the added benefit of removing physical dirt and annoying odors that remain after normal clean up.

Permatex Fast Orange Professional features a pumice ingredient that helps to quickly remove even the heaviest deposits of grease, tar, oil, dirt, soil, resins, paints, glues, and rubber cement. All of this cleaning power is coupled with premium skin conditioners including lanolin, aloe vera, and jojoba to help leave raw, rough hands feeling smooth again.

The new Permatex Fast Orange Professional Hand Cleaner is available in a 4.5-pound tub and 1 gallon bottle with pump.