MATS, LOUISVILLE -- Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems introduced the of OptiMaax, a revolutionary new liftable forward tandem axle system with automated controls. 

Hendrickson’s OptiMaax system is a 6×2 solution to help fleets save fuel cost, tire wear, and weight with comparable handling to 6×4 tandem axle configurations. Operating as a liftable axle in the forward tandem position, this system provides versatility for fleets with variable loads by using axle capacity only when required.  

In comparison with the traditional 6x4 tractor configuration, the OptiMaax system eliminates over 350 pounds by replacing the forward tandem drive axle and suspension with an integrated liftable non-drive axle and suspension which is automated with weight sensing controls. 

This proprietary, fully automated control module eliminates driver intervention and training and allows the tractor to adapt to the requirements of the load; raising the axle when the additional capacity is not needed and lowering the axle to distribute the load evenly when required. 

OptiMaax also provides load equalization between the tandem axles when in the lowered position to ensure compliance.

In addition to providing weight savings, the OptiMaax system delivers cost of operation savings by improving fuel economy by up to 5% through the elimination of the second drive axle and the lifting of the non-drive axle. Another added benefit is tire wear savings by utilizing the liftable axle only when load demands require the additional axle capacity. 

Available in 20,000-pound capacity, OptiMaax will be available for OEM specification in North America the fall of 2014.