Meritor Inc. announced the introduction of the P600 Series planetary axles, including the P610 and P614. These two planetary axles are engineered for heavy-haul, oil field, logging and mining applications globally and are ready for production.

The P610 and P614 axles, available in tandem and tridem configurations, use common components from other Meritor axles, allowing for reduced lead times and quicker customer deliveries.
As an addition to Meritor’s specialty drivetrain product portfolio, the heavy-haul planetary axles’ features include:

  • Tandem axle maximum gross axle weight rating at 84,000 pounds and tridem axle maximum gross axle weight rating at 126,000 pounds for carrying higher-capacity loads;
  • Driver-controlled differential lock or inter-axle differential for all carriers and inter-axles maximizes traction;
  • Anti-lock braking system capability;
  • Non-vented drum brake protects the braking system while operating in adverse conditions;
  • Fabricated steel housings with brackets accept most heavy-duty suspensions available in the market; and
  • Broad overall axle ratio ranging from 3.46:1–24.8:1 delivers favorable ratio selection for unique and demanding applications.