PRP Industries announces that trailer manufacturer Kalyn Siebert now offers the corrosion protection system, Corsol MP, as an option available for the company’s entire product line.

PRP Industries’ systems protect against corrosion, undercutting and blistering, and offer an alternative to hot-dip galvanizing.

The Corsol MP system involves a chemical process that molecularly bonds a co-polymer to steel that prevents the steel from corrosion. The anti-corrosive solution protects against the harsh conditions commonly experienced in cold weather climates primarily due to the extensive use of corrosive road chemicals, such as magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

By utilizing the Corsol MP system within their facility, Kayln Siebert is able to provide corrosion protection for much more of the trailer, including main frames, deck, air tanks, suspensions, axle components and hydraulic cylinders.