East Manufacturing is introducing its new all-aluminum flatbed trailer with narrow-neck design. East has combined its new flatbed trailer with Sliding Systems Inc. all-aluminum Curtainside unit, resulting in one of the lightest weight trailers in the industry.

From crates of merchandise to steel coils, the new all-aluminum flatbed trailer with the SSI Curtainside is designed to haul freight heavy enough for a flatbed with the load capacity and enclosure of a van. The newly-designed, 8-inch neck on the East aluminum flatbed offers the same durability, strength and payload of the East BST Aluminum Flatbed Trailer along with the ability to be equipped with an enclosure, providing more load versatility and protection.

The van configuration of the new all-aluminum flatbed trailer has a 106-inch clear height – just 4 inches short of a van – and 101-inch inside load width. It also accommodates up to 50,000 pounds concentrated load in 4 feet on a 48-feet spread axle trailer. The flexibility of the curtain side offers load access from both sides as well as the rear door.

A typical van has a nominal 5-3/8-inch neck depending on the floor material. The 5-3/8-inch neck design along with the lack of main beams down the middle of the trailer means the van cannot provide enough strength to haul heavy concentrated loads.

The East design uses high-tensile aluminum in its composition. The main beams and the structural cross-members use 6061-T6 aluminum, offering all the durability of high-tensile-strength steel at less than half the weight.

Welded Double T main beams balance load stresses more evenly for longer life and less maintenance.

Fully-enclosed hollow-core floor planks and tubular cross-members mean less wind resistance. East’s floor design provides greater strength in supporting the load.

The SSI Curtainside maintains all the flexibility of loading and unloading of a flatbed with the protection of a van. The Curtainside uses the exclusive Versa rail, (6061-T6) all-aluminum, one-piece extrusion, which is lighter weight than standard rail and offers superior strength and less “sag” when all roof supports are out of the way for loading.

Curtains are constructed with a 26-1/2-ounce PVC-coated polyester (double top finish – face and back) fabric manufactured by Mehler fabric. It is horizontally and vertically reinforced with webbing to provide added strength, resulting in a taut curtain with no wrinkles.

This heat sealable webbing is made of high tenacity polyester yarn with a PVC coating for abrasion resistance and welding ability. The webbing is 1-7/8-inch wide and .04-inch thick. Its breaking strength is rated at 2,900pounds at 68 degrees F.

The Curtainsides non-removable rolling post roof support device stays attached to the post roller which is mounted inside a track of the rail. Operation is very simple: Un-pin; roll it away to any position; then roll it back; and pin it again to lock it.

The aluminum Quick Closer, a one-piece aluminum extrusion wall and wing, is mounted at all four corners of the unit and is an integral part of the wall construction. No more winding curtains with cumbersome poles, the Curtainside Quick Closer is simple: Snaps to open and snaps to close.