Waytek has added Vehicle Control Modules to an expanding line of solid state timer relay modules.

VCMs are solid state timer relay modules with a standard automotive relay terminal format. They are solid state, with no moving parts to wear out, so VCMs are designed to withstand the rugged environments of trucks, trailers, emergency and heavy duty mobile equipment.

They come with two inputs, one activated by a transition to 12+ volts (Input A), and one activated by a transition to ground (Input B). The two inputs operate as a logical exclusive, or so that either input can operate the timer.

The output on the VCM is operated when +12 volts is applied to Input A while Input B is off, or when ground is applied to Input B while Input A is off. The timer starts when the input signal is removed. When the timer expires, the output is turned off and the operation is complete.

Fixed and adjustable time settings are available. Adjustable time values are set using a single turn potentionmeter. VCMs are compact in size with panel mount brackets to offer space and weight savings.