SuperSprings International now offers a solution for Isuzu N-Series drivers who love the truck’s capabilities, but require a more comfortable ride. An easy-to-install SumoSprings application has been developed for the N-Series’ front suspension that improves driver comfort.

The N-Series features a low cab forward design that maximizes cargo space and visibility. The driver sits directly above the front axle where there is little forgiveness, though, so bumps in the road can be especially jarring.
SumoSprings operate like an airbag without the air and the accompanying hassle of a compressor system. They provide smooth load engagement, reduce side-to-side body roll and improve ride. SumoSprings are composed of a proprietary microcellular urethane that offers a progressive spring rate, so the vehicle’s suspension receives extra support only when needed.

Each SumoSpring can be compressed by 80% of its original height with full memory rebound, delivering better performance and long-term durability than competing rubber products.

The new application for the N-Series (P/N SSF-601) comes mounted on an “L” bracket that attaches to the truck using two existing holes in the frame. Typical installation takes less than an hour; the user just has to jack up the vehicle’s front end and attach two bolts through each SumoSpring bracket.