Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. is gearing up to launch the latest in the Duron line of products, Duron Gas Engine Oil Long Drain (GEO LD ) 15W-40. Specially formulated for the high combustion temperatures in today’s natural gas mobile engines, Duron GEO LD 15W-40 can extend drain intervals up to 1200 hours, while maintaining engine protection and stay-in-grade capability.

New Duron GEO LD 15W-40 begins with Petro-Canada’s 99.9% pure base oils and is specially formulated to deliver industrial strength protection no matter the season.

In cold climates, Duron GEO LD 15W-40 pumps quickly and easily through the engine, safeguarding engines against wear and tear. Duron GEO LD 15W-40 also performs well in high operating temperatures, providing fleets with exceptional shear stability and stay-in-grade capability. 

The entire Duron family of products including Duron GEO LD 15W-40 has exceeded OEM-required testing.