The Bendix eTrac automated air pressure transfer system for Bendix ABS-6 braking systems with automatic traction control is now commercially available as an option on 6x2 Class 8 tractors and trucks from Peterbilt Motors Company.

The system helps drivers of 6x2 vehicles automatically overcome low-traction events. The availability of Bendix eTrac enables fleets to swap more of their traditional 6x4 tractors and trucks with lighter weight 6x2s, potentially expanding their freight hauling capacities by approximately 500 pounds.

Created by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, the Bendix eTrac air transfer system fully automates the traditional manual air pressure transfer process.

Unlike a manual system, eTrac can respond in fractions of a second to a low-traction situation, offering real-time adjustment. When added to Bendix Smart ATC (automatic traction control), eTrac automatically engages and disengages – without driver input – the vehicle’s air bag pressure transfer system during low-traction events. The system transfers pressure from the undriven axle to the driven axle without requiring manual input or driver action.

When the Bendix eTrac system engages, it automatically evacuates air bag pressure, dropping the nose of the trailer. The resulting extra forward weight on a 6x2 tractor helps compensate for the lack of a second drive axle to deliver traction control that is comparable to a 6x4 tractor in many situations.