TruckingOffice, an online software company for small trucking companies, has introduced advanced street-to-street routing for dispatching and an Easy IFTA Filing feature. Both will save time and money for truck operators, said Allen Campbell, founder of TruckingOffice.

Advanced routing calculates mileage for the trip based on actual street addresses. It also displays a map of the planned route, and allows a dispatcher to edit the route in line with state jurisdictions and tolls. Mileage reports let the user complete more accurate submissions for quarterly filings under the International Fuel Tax Agreement, or IFTA.

A customer can generate IFTA tax documents based on all the dispatches entered into TruckingOffice. Instead of having to scramble to assemble all the necessary information when the quarterly IFTA filing comes due, the customer can simply click through a series of screens to confirm the information, he said.

Easy IFTA Filing calculates taxes based on current tax rates for each state. The customer can then print out a state-specific document that can be mailed to the appropriate tax office.

“IFTA is something that small trucking companies have to deal with every quarter. I’m excited that we can make it easy to get out the way so our customers can stay focused on getting loads and running their business,” Campbell said.

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