LOUISVILLE -- Optronics International showed off its new Uni-Lite LED clearance/marker lamps for the first time during the Mid-America Trucking Show last week.

The lamps appeared on Vanguard National Trailers and feature small, three-quarter-inch lamps employing Optronics’ new GloLight optics.

The Vanguard trailers are the first of their kind to be fully outfitted with the small clearance/marker lamps and 4-inch round stop/tail/turn employing Optronics’ patent-pending GloLight optical diffusion technology.

The company said most LED lamps have hotspots or patterns of bright light that make up their common visual signature, but GloLight lamps are visually distinctive from other LED lamps because their lenses disperse light waves in a unique way that gives them a smooth, brightly glowing appearance.

 “The new version of our Uni-Lite represents just one of 35 new GloLight products Optronics has in its pipeline,” said Marcus Hester, director of sales and marketing for Optronics International.

The new Uni-Lite clearance/marker lamps come in red and amber. The red Uni-Lite lamps are designed with dual-function capabilities for applications such as high-mount stop and turn. The lamps are available in P2- and PC-rated versions, enabling them to meet the photometric requirements for a full range of applications.

The 12-volt lamps come with a lifetime warranty, and lenses and housings are made of durable polycarbonate material that is completely waterproof. Optronics says like 80% of its entire LED product line, the new Uni-Lite LED lamps are produced using solid-state, surface-mount device technology.

Optronics claims the Uni-Lite also addresses the issue of dimming which it says can happen with some lamps as they age.

“Our Uni-Lite three-quarter-inch clearance/marker lamps are designed with precise power and heat management properties and rectifier diodes that protect the LEDs from electronic degradation,” Hester said. “These lamps won’t lose that bright GloLight glow that everyone’s talking about.”

Uni-Lite three-quarter-inch clearance/marker lamps including single-function red MCL121RB, single-function amber MCL121AB, dual-function red MCL121R9B and dual-function three-lamp cluster red MCL122RK3B, are expected to begin shipping on or about May 1.

The lamps are available with two-wire design including both lead wire and ground wire for mounting to all surfaces. The red and amber lamps will be available for purchase as individual unit or in a kit with a PVC grommet.