LOUISVILLE -- Trail King announced its Continuous Belt Super Hi-Lite Rolled Side Ag Trailer (ASHR-C) at the Mid-America Trucking Show last week.

The ASHR-C features a smooth, continuous 48-inch 2-ply SBR rubber belt driven by a dual reduction planetary gearbox with heavy duty roller chain and steel Z-Bar support to deliver fast, horizontal discharge of the load and hopper clean-out in one revolution or less.

This continuous belt design also reduces the risk of cross contamination between loads in several ways. First, unlike a segmented belt, a continuous belt has no voids created by overlapping belt sections where product can be trapped.

Second, Trail King’s continuous belt has a “banner” edge, or flange, along both of its outside edges. These edges, together with flashing that fits snugly against the belt flange, help prevent product leakage or build-up that can lead to cross contamination.

A spring-loaded belt scraper on the underside of the back end of the belt also results in a cleaner, more environment-friendly operation by scraping the belt clean. This reduces carry back of product under the trailer.

Also available as an option is a second spring-loaded scraper, located under the front of the trailer. This option is particularly popular in colder climates where ice and road slush can build up on the belt under the trailer during transport. This second scraper is designed to clean the belt and prevent carry back of environmental debris into the hopper.

The ASHR-C is the only ag trailer to provide a “sweep seal” on its top-hinged hydraulic tailgate, says the company. Because the hopper of the ASHR-C is extended almost a full 12 inches beyond the tailgate, the tailgate swings inside the hopper walls to close, “sweeping” the rubber seals into position to conform perfectly to the hopper shape.

And because the floor is controlled by an On/Off valve, the tailgate and other trailer components are less likely to be damaged by the operator inadvertently engaging the floor and moving the load before the tailgate is open.

Trail King has designed the belt drive chain to be housed in its own protective cavity outside the hopper. This effectively isolates it from contact with the load and, thereby, protects it from the corrosive effects of products such as fertilizers or bio-solid sludge. This also reduces the number of places where product can build up and drop off during the back haul, generally making the whole unloading process cleaner, quicker, and easier for the operator.

The new Continuous Belt version of the Super Hi-Lite still features the smooth rolled-side design of its Segmented Belt predecessor with a one-piece extruded aluminum main frame. This rolled-side design effectively funnels the load down to the belt.

The trailer offers full High Molecular Wear plastic liners all the way to the top of the hopper as standard equipment, the ASHR-C reduces load sticking for quicker unloading and exceptional clean-out.

The Continuous Belt Aluminum Super Hi-Lite Ag Trailer is available in a variety of models, ranging in capacities from 55-105 cubic yards and overall lengths of 43-53 feet.

Trail King announced the the trailer is currently in production and was released to its dealer distribution channel a few weeks ago. The trailer already is sold out with orders through September.

The cost of Continuous Belt version of the Super Hi-Lite will cost approximately $72,000 to $84,000 depending on specifications.