Reyco Granning newest sliding trailer suspension, the DockMaster, is billed as the second lightest trailer bogey in the business, and the strongest. At 1,416 lb, it's 12 pounds heavier than the competition's lightest product, but the company claims the suspension's subframe is 12,000 pounds stronger.

"We decided there wasn't much point in cutting out 12 pounds of gusset material when it adds so much in terms of structural integrity," says Reyco Granning's vide president of trailers, Joe Gallo. "In rigorous test, competitive subframes buckle at 38,000 lb. The DM400 doesn't even begin to buckle at 50,000 lb."

The DM400 uses seven-gauge, nine-inch Super-C frame rails and unitized wrap-around hangers for greater strength and protection. Designed to fit Binkley, Hutch and TTMA rails, it's built with side wear pads in the hanger, enhanced corrosion protection and a 4.5-in. multifunctional pivot bushing for optimum control and longer life.

Reyco Granning says these key design features make the DM400 ideal for fleets with new drivers.

"Curb strikes are inevitable in any fleet, but there are bound to be more of them while the new driver learn the craft," Gallo says. "The DM400 is built to eliminate buckling due to curb impacts."

The DM400 comes with an optional Dock Block, the patented one-person Rey-Align system that allows a single mechanic to dial in accurate alignment using ordinary tools, and Reyco's Flexi-pull spring-loaded slider pin release.

All major components such as the subframe, trailing arms, bushings and air springs are warranted for seven years parts and labor.

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