While a lot of kids may have a remote-controlled vehicle of some sort on their wish list for Santa, one 4-year-old got the ultimate such driving experience in Volvo's latest video designed to showcase some of its trucks' unique features.

In previous videos in this series, we've seen a world record-holding highliner battle the wind to cross a line between two speeding trucks to demonstrate "the precision and control" of its FH series.

In "The Epic Split," actor Jean-Claude Van Damme did a split between two Volvo FM trucks – while they drove in reverse -- to demonstrate the precision and stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

And how about that hamster steering a Volvo FMX in a rough quarry?

In the latest stunt, you don't know whether to laugh, cheer, or cover your eyes as little Sophie uses a remote control to steer a tough Volvo FMX through a gravel pit with obstacles.

The "Look Who's Driving" video was set up to demonstrate the sturdiness and mobility of the Volvo FMX. The spot was filmed in Serbia on a closed-off gravel pit – with all buildings empty, locked and sealed.

The remote control used by Sophie was specially made for this film, but the truck was not. The highly sensitive, the compact RC unit provided access to steering, accelerator, gearshift and brakes, but it was fitted to a standard FMX, says Volvo. It's a twin-steer 8x4 chassis with automatic traction control, a 540-hp engine, I-Shift automated transmission and a high-stance frame.

A separate video walks you through some of the features that the video is showcasing. A big wooden crate crashing into the front corner of the cab "barely makes a dent, because the corners are made from 3-millimeter-thick high-grade steel" and the front is an extension of the chassis.

As she steers the truck off the road and through an area with muddy standing water, the narrator talks about how the components are sealed to withstand it. Then as the truck pulls out of the water up a muddy bank, we hear about the new automatic traction control.

And the mayhem only gets more dramatic from there...

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