Eaton has added Eaton Fuller Flex Reman transmissions to its specially packaged line of remanufactured and aftermarket components.

When customers purchase a combination of a Flex Reman or standard Eaton Fuller remanufactured transmission with an Eaton Advantage Series clutch and Roadranger lubricants, the transmission warranty coverage is extended from two to three years.

Because Eaton Flex Reman transmissions cover a wide range of torques and are shipped with no clutch housings, truck dealers are able to lower their parts inventories and still increase the availability of multiple remanufactured transmission models. In addition to dealers, fleets also benefit from the Flex Reman line with enhanced access to the many models of Eaton remanufactured transmissions.

Eaton Solo Advantage and Easy Pedal Advantage clutches feature extended 50,000-mile standard lubrication intervals for line-haul applications, premium release bearings, and added protection against potentially harmful driveline vibrations because of the dampening that results from Eaton's Vibration Control Technology.

Eaton's Solo Advantage is a self-adjusting clutch that results in reduced maintenance due to eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments for improved uptime. It is also ideally suited for trucks with hydraulic linkages. The Easy Pedal Advantage clutch requires manual adjustments and is designed for quick and easy maintenance.

Roadranger synthetic lubricants, including SAE 50 transmission fluid and SAE 75W-90 and SAE 80W-140 drivetrain fluids, feature high-quality raw materials and additives to offer superior heavy-duty truck performance.

The aftermarket package program is available for standard line-haul applications in the United States and Canada.