For truckers and fleets hauling van trailers with drop down storage boxes, aerodynamic fairings that improve fuel economy up to 5% are now available from Freight Wing.

Attached to the storage box on each side of the trailer, the fairings are made of automotive grade plastic. A full fairing starts at the beginning of the trailer and connects to the belly box directing airflow around the storage container. The belly box profile is then extended downward with the Freight Wing fairing to about 8 inches from the ground.

According Graham, the California Air Resources Board compliant box fairings are a first in the industry and are very robust and durable.

"Weighing in at 80 pounds, the fairings are able to flex and bend, so if the fairing hits a curb, or scrapes the ground, they bounce back and keep their shape. In addition, installation is typically only one - to two hours."