Garmin announced dezl 760, the company's first trucking navigator with a 7-inch display and a new Active Lane Guidance feature to help truckers navigate intersections and exits.

The dezl 760 offers trucking-specific functions such as route calculation based on truck attributes, trucking points of interest, hours of service logging, an extra-loud speaker and backup camera support.

Compatible with Garmin Smartphone Link, it is a navigation device for truckers with the ability to receive real-time information through a smartphone app, such as fuel prices, traffic camera images and weather.

New Active Lane Guidance

Using the large 7-inch display, the new Active Lane Guidance is displayed in a split-screen next to the map view to guide drivers to the correct lane for an approaching turn or exit.

In a moving lane animation, a purple line indicates the way the driver should follow, showing truckers exactly which lane they have to be in and helping to avoid potentially dangerous last-minute maneuvers.

Truck-Specific Navigation

With detailed maps and Garmin navigation technology, the dezl 760 provides truck-specific routes and turn-by-turn directions based on vehicle height, weight, length and carriage. Users can simply enter their truck's profile and the device will consider truck-verified roads that are suitable for the truck's characteristics.

It also provides warnings of upcoming hazards such as sharp curves. The device can save multiple truck profiles and users can change the active profile at any point. Trucking-specific POIs include truckstops, weigh stations, dealerships and washes.

Garmin Exit Services allows drivers to quickly search for upcoming POIs at highway exits. Also included are sunrise and sunset times to follow after-sunset regulations, mile markers to share a location with others, and state/country border notices to comply with legal requirements.

Automatically Log Miles and Fuel Usage

To make it easier for truckers to keep track of their trip data, the dezl 760 automatically archives fuel usage and the number of miles driven in a given state or province. Truckers can use this information to fill out logbooks, forms and tax materials.

This data can be exported from the unit and can be beneficial in submitting the quarterly International Fuel Tax Agreement Documentation truck drivers are required to report.

Fleet Management Interface Compatible

The dezl 760 allows truck drivers to record their hours of service and warns of violations in advance. It is also compatible with the Garmin Fleet Management Interface and can be integrated with a telematics data transponder manufactured by a Garmin authorized partner.

This provides a digital solution that complies with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for Automatic on-board Recording Devices.

Real-Time Information via Smartphone Link

Garmin Smartphone Link for Android smartphones solves the problem of having to pay for an extra data plan to receive real-time information on a navigation device. It uses the existing data connection of a smartphone by simply pairing it to the dezl 760 via Bluetooth.

Users can then access real-time information right from their dezl unit, such as traffic, images from traffic cameras, weather, parking, fuel prices and more. Garmin Smartphone Link is available at no cost in the Android Market and includes several free live services as well as premium content available through subscriptions.

The dezl 760 is expected to become available in the fourth quarter of 2012.