Phillips Industries has introduced the Sta-Dry QCMS2 plug/socket, designed to eliminate corrosion damage from road contaminants entering the electrical system of a heavy-duty vehicle.

The product incorporates a Sta-Dry seal that semi-hardwires the electrical cable to the tractor, preventing any debris from entering. Because it is rarely removed from the tractor, there is even less chance for damage. The other end of the electrical cable features Phillips' field repairable QCP plug. If the plug begins to show signs of corrosion, the cartridge can be easily replaced, keeping the QCMS2 attached to the tractor without breaking its corrosion-free sealed connection.

The QCMS2 corrosion-free housing is completely sealed for maximum protection against magnesium and calcium chlorides. A special bonding process connecting the housing to the cable, keeps out moisture and contaminants at the back of the QCMS2. The brass pins are molded in place to provide a secure connection.

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