Firestone Industrial Products introduced the Airide Integrative Air-Damping System.

The Airide Integrative Air-Damping System offers a lighter-weight alternative to cab mount suspension applications, providing the functionality of an air spring and shock absorber in a single part. The system is composed of an exterior bellow made of natural rubber that encompasses a proprietary, shock-absorbing module.

Firestone says preliminary testing shows a notable reduction in the transmission and frequency of vibration when compared to traditional air spring/shock absorber or air spring/hydraulic damper configurations.

"The Airide Integrative Air-Damping System has the potential for an unprecedented level of comfort that significantly reduces driver fatigue," says Vincent. "Also, since the system reduces vibration inputs in the cab structure, there is less strenuous wear-and-tear on cab mounting points, ensuring long-lasting, dependable performance."

Firestone Industrial Products is also taking steps to help reduce overall vehicle weight through lighter-weight, primary air spring options. These next-generation air springs offer weight reductions of up to 3 pounds per spring.