New Delo Grease ESI from Chevron Lubricants is an extended service interval grease designed to help fleets extend their oil drain intervals.

In the past, when fleets extended oil drain intervals, it was generally necessary to bring the truck into the shop in between oil changes in order to lubricate the chassis. But Delo Grease ESI can extend service intervals up to and beyond 30,000 miles.

Jim Gambill, manager direct marketing, says the product was the result of customer requests and working with customers to find the right combination and do extensive testing.

Delo Grease ESI protects Class 6-8 trucks in a diverse range of applications, including wheel bearing, chassis, steering drag links, kingpins, shackle pins, transmission cross shaft spring pins, brake cam shafts, and fifth wheel faceplates and pivots operating under high and low temperature conditions.

Delo Grease ESI is formulated with highly refined base stocks (not synthetic), a lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors and extreme pressure and tackiness additives. "There's no 'secret sauce,' Gambill explained. "We just tried a lot of different things, with clear objectives, then we tested it to make sure."

The new grease works well in automatic centralized greasing systems and in wheel bearings operating near the high temperatures of disc brakes.

Chevron says the new grease offers extreme pressure high load carrying capacity, excellent corrosion and wear protection, excellent resistance to water washout, excellent high temperature stability, and good low temperature pumpability and torque.

While it is a premium product, Gambill said, it is not extremely expensive, either.

Delo Grease ESI will be available across North American late in the second quarter of 2011.

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