While trucks won't be required to meet new federal fuel efficiency standards until 2014, Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants brings improvements in fuel economy to fleets right now with new Elixion low-viscosity SAE 5W-30 engine oil.

It's the first 5W30 engine oil to meet the CJ-4 specification, and it provides a fuel economy improvement of up to four percent over conventional 15W-40 oils, Castrol claims.

"That's a huge difference for fleets, which will allow them to achieve substantial savings in their business without doing anything except changing their oil," says Dave Berlin, Castrol's Heavy Duty Marketing Director. "At the same time, it can help them get closer to meeting future fuel efficiency targets."

In developing Elixion, Castrol focused on reducing parasitic loss, or friction, within the engine.

"Elixion is a real breakthrough in diesel engine oil," says Berlin. "As with any breakthrough, it turns conventional wisdom on its head. There's a common misconception that a thinner oil is not robust enough for a Heavy Duty engine. In fact, engine parts move more easily through a thinner oil like Elixion, making it a better choice than 15W-40 oils for fuel efficiency."

While Elixion's low viscosity promotes fuel savings, the formula also contains a robust additive package that allows for extended drain intervals, offering even more cost savings. Castrol says Elixion also improves cold temperature wear protection due to its faster flow properties at low temperatures.

For OEMs, Castrol has dedicated fuel efficiency experts to assist in the design and engineering of new engines and other machinery to improve fuel economy and eventually help comply with the 2014 targets. "At Castrol, we've proven our ability to improve operational efficiency. Our engineers and development teams have spent thousands of man hours on real-world tests dedicated to innovating and improving efficiency through use of our products," says Matt Rudd, Heavy Duty On-Road Manager. "By working closely with OEMs, we're helping to bring more efficient power units to market and benefiting the industry as a whole."

More info: Castrol U.S.