MAC Trailer, manufacturer of specialty dump, flatbed and transfer trailers, has introduced the PneuMACtic tank trailer.

The final design, engineering and construction of the pneumatic tank was a culmination of interaction with European manufacturers, consultation with industry leaders of bulk transport, field research and extensive testing.

The MAC design incorporates enclosed strut and conical areas that complements the aerodynamics for improved fuel efficiencies and enhanced structural integrity. To reduce maintenance costs, corrosion preventative features have been made standard to extend the longevity of the trailer: galvanized coupler assembly and suspension hangers, soft coat "paint" axles and full aluminum frames front and rear.

To maximize payloads whether you are transporting cement, sand, plastics, flour, sugar, feed or ash, the base 1050 MAC PneuMACtic tank has a tare weight of 8600 pounds. MAC also offers the 1350, 1650 and 2200 models in tandem and multi-axle configurations.

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