Kenworth Truck Company announced that a clear-coat finish is now part of the standard paint application on all Kenworth models to help provide enhanced, and long-lasting paint quality.

Kenworth uses DuPont(TM) Imron Elite clear coat. The clear coat is especially ideal for trucks that face extreme weather conditions and power washing. Made of polyurethane, the clear coat is applied over the color base coat paint to give a thickness and layer of protection.

"The clear-coat finish gives each Kenworth truck even more depth of gloss as well as protection from ultra-violet rays. Clear coating will help maintain the beauty and high-quality factory finish of a Kenworth over the long haul," said Marilyn Santangelo, Kenworth assistant general manager for operations.

"As with the base paint, the clear coat is applied by robotics to ensure uniform painting and minimal waste," said Santangelo. "Applying paint is now an art of precision with the right amount of paint applied each and every time. This not only gives our customers a beautiful paint job, it's also good for the environment as we minimize paint waste."