Paccar Parts dealers now offer the Engine Control Systems Purifilter, an aftermarket passively regenerating diesel particulate filter approved by the California Air Resources Board for installation and use in a wide variety of Class 8 truck models.

"The California Air Resources Board intends to provide up to $1 billion in state money to defray the cost of buying and installing the diesel particulate filters," said Jeff Sass, general marketing manner for Paccar Parts. "Truck operators who buy and install these diesel particulate filters now, ahead of deadlines, may be eligible for larger grants."

Paccar Parts distributes the device exclusively through Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers in the United States and Canada.

The Purifilter contains a silicon carbide filter substrate, formed in a honeycomb design; alternating cells are open on one end and plugged at the outlet end. As the exhaust flows through the open inlet cells, it's forced through the micro-porous walls to the outlet cells, which filter the particulate matter from the exhaust.

During a regular duty cycle, exhaust temperatures burn the soot and the catalyzed filter oxidizes more than 90 percent of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

As silicon carbide filter substrates possess higher thermal conductivity than other traditional ceramics such as cordierite, they can better handle extreme temperature variations that might occur in retrofit applications. Silicon carbide also has an extremely low chemical reactivity with lube ash and fuel additives and a superior noise dampening capability comparable to high-grade mufflers.

Each Purifilter model is available in five different inlet/outlet configurations with either standard stamped flanges or optional machined flanges. The 100 percent stainless steel modular design allows for 360 degree rotation of the muffler inlet and outlet sections to provide the greatest range of fit. The dimensions of a Purifilter vary depending on application. The smallest filter weighs about 75 pounds and is 10 inches in diameter (11 5/8-inch diameter at the mating flanges) and measures 38 inches in length (including inlet and outlet tubes). The largest filter weighs about 125 pounds and is 13 inches in diameter (15 inches at the mating flanges) and measures 43 inches in length.

Engine Control Systems also manufactures and supplies Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers a wide range of mounting and installation hardware and customized parts. With both horizontal and vertical mounting options, an ECS Purifilter can be made to fit in almost any vehicle.

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