Hammond Air Conditioning's Arctic Breeze Truck AC battery-powered cooling system is available for both sleeper and day cabs.
Systems come in a boxed kit with all necessary components included and can be installed in five to six hours.

Arctic Breeze is designed to maintain the overall temperature of the truck cab. Once the truck has been shut down, the cooling system draws a low 45 amps and provides 6800 BTU of cooling. Based on a duty cycle of 50 to 60 percent, the system consumes 350 watts per hour on average.

Powered by up to four truck batteries, the Arctic Breeze system can keep drivers cool and comfortable from six to eight hours, depending on factors such as the time of day, color of the truck, window tinting and how many accessories are running. Systems come with a battery protection switch that automatically shuts off the A/C at 12.2 amps, ensuring that drivers have enough power to turn over their truck's engine in the morning.

Made of 1/8-inch aluminum, the compressor/condenser box can be mounted directly behind the cab or hung off frame rails with the included universal brackets. A battery box with all necessary universal brackets for external mounting is optional. The system evaporator can be mounted on a shelf, directly on the back wall of the cab, or in a storage compartment.

Depending on driver idling practices, where the unit is located and the nature of the truck, the payback period for the Arctic Breeze system can be somewhere between six to 12 months. Owner-operators who have been working with system prototypes in long-distance hauls through Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and California report substantial savings.

More info: www.hammondac.com