Truck trailer conveyor systems from Power-Pack Conveyor reduce loading and unloading cycle times for palletized loads to under a minute, according to the Ohio-based firm. This automated system is made up of powered
loading conveyors, trailer-installed conveyors and destination unloading conveyors. Together, this system reduces loading/unloading cycle times and labor costs by eliminating lift truck loading/unloading of trailers. They are ideal for receiving parts and subassemblies from suppliers to support just-in-time and Lean initiatives by assuring reliable delivery times of components pre-staged in sequence for final assembly.
Power-Pack trailer loading/unloading systems are available with a variety of conveyor types including double strand chain, belt-over-roller, belt-driven live roller and chain-driven live roller.
To maximize the trailer volume, conveyors can be configured in any number of lanes and levels and can be operated independently or as part of a complete automation system that interfaces with material handling or assembly processes.
These systems can also be configured to automatically load empty pallets into the trailer after loaded pallets have been delivered.
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