Paccar Leasing Co. now offers PacTrac BLU, a new display that is an added advantage to PacLease's PacTrac telematics system utilizing GPS technology, a reliable network of over 100 wireless carriers, and an Internet connection
to deliver real-time data directly from the vehicles.
The new upgrade is designed from the ground up to provide a new, intuitive interface for drivers. The seven-inch, full-color display is easy to read and can impart information quickly at a glance or in very fine detail as needed. BLU brings definitive audio and video capability to the truck cab, making it possible to deliver information to the driver with multimedia impact.
Besides providing a compelling driver communication and business tool, PacTrac BLU provides the computing power and open platform development tools to meet and exceed the operational needs of virtually any commercial, private or utility fleet.
"PacTrac BLU will change the way drivers interact with their onboard technology. It can help fleets to attract and retain qualified drivers while making their lives safer and more efficient," said Brian McLaughlin, executive vice president of PeopleNet.
"We are excited about the release of BLU for our customers who seek additional functionality," said Bob Southern, PacLease president. "Upgrading to BLU will provide a better platform to support an increase of applications that improve the in-cab experience for the driver."
In the near future, PacTrac BLU will deliver spoken, turn-by-turn directions, which are simultaneously shown on a moving map display. New stops and other changes can be made to routes in real time. Going forward, PacTrac BLU will support text-to-speech applications that will enable drivers to hear text messages in an easily understood voice and multiple languages.
PacTrac reduces customer operating costs, improves productivity and enhances service in private fleet logistics. The PacTrac system was developed exclusively for PacLease by PeopleNet.
BLU is available now, and many partner applications will be available early in 2008.