InMotion Global Inc. announced that AscendTMS has partnered with FreightRover, an load board and freight-matching service.

The integration between AscendTMS and FreightRover allows any accepted load by a carrier or driver, via the FreightRover website or app, to automatically update the AscendTMS software. Once a load is accepted by the carrier, AscendTMS is updated with the correct carrier for the broker or shipper, and the load is immediately un-posted.

If the carrier also uses AscendTMS, they have the option of having the load sent to them electronically, directly into their AscendTMS account. This saves the carrier from manually typing any load into their TMS, and is designed to reduce errors for both parties.

Users of both platforms can also use FreightRover’s load posting, searching, and selection; tracking and analytics; and QuickPay options, in the AscendTMS platform. FreightRover’s current integrations (MacroPoint, Transflo, TriumphPay, and SaferWatch) are available to AscendTMS users who use FreightRover’s services.

The AscendTMS logistics software, including the FreightRover integration, is being provided to any FreightRover customer at no charge.