San Antonio-based Pressure Systems International has acquired Truck System Technologies, a provider of tire-pressure monitoring and mobile-asset management systems technology.  

P.S.I. said the acquisition represents “a valuable addition” to its P.S.I. portfolio of products, which fleet operators use to manage tire costs and manufacturers can tap to meet future standards set under the Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 rules for trucks and trailers.

“We see the TST acquisition as a perfect complement to our automatic tire inflation systems," said Tim Musgrave, president and CEO of P.S.I. 

“The ability for our customers to customize their tire management solutions from a single-systems provider is increasingly important with the pending Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 trailer regulations becoming effective January 2018," he continued. 

P.S.I. said that TST already enjoys a “solid reputation in the RV market, which they will build on as they expand into the commercial vehicle segment.” 

While the products for each market are similar, P.S.I. noted that they have been engineered to meet the unique demands of the respective markets.  The company said it considers both the recreational and commercial vehicle markets as strategic and will be creating separate teams to focus on both markets.   

Prior testing by P.S.I. of the TPMS and asset tracking products has proven the products to be very robust, holding up well in even the extremes of the trucking market, according to Kevin Hennig, P.S.I. vice president of product development and technical sales.

“We actually started using the products years ago, strictly as a means for testing our automatic tire inflation system,” Hennig said. “It was the solid performance of the TPMS and the ease of use of the asset tracking solutions that ultimately led us to consider them a good fit with our company.”  

P.S.I. markets and sells its automatic tire inflation product in North America through Meritor as the Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.

P.S.I. has also opened markets in 45 countries and is currently exporting product to China, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia.