NASHVILLE -- Stoughton Trailers provided a sneak peak of its soon-to-be-released refrigerated van trailer during a press event held at the ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting on Tuesday.

Stoughton's vice president of engineering, Gary Fenton, showed a few images of the trailer and provided a list of the trailer's features.

"The trailer is in track and field tests as we speak," he said. "We expect to be taking orders for the trailer in the fourth quarter of 2017, and production will begin in the first quarter of 2018."

Features of the new reefer trailer include:

Bonded side posts -- The bonded side posts on the new refrigerated trailer reduce the number of holes in the sidewalls to aid in preventing moisture intrusion into the trailer.

Composite rear door -- The design of the composite rear door optimizes thermal efficiency and reduces weight, providing a lightweight yet strong rear door.

Aluminum scuff -- The 6-inch scuff with a 12-inch liner scuff helps prevent damage while loading and unloading. There are no exposed attachments that loads can snag or tear out.

Triple wiper seal -- A European-style triple wiper seal door gasket prevents water intrusion and minimizes air loss, protecting the interior of the trailer and cargo from the elements.

Rear underride guard -- The new rear underride guard comes standard with no additional cost and weight. It resists compartmental intrusion of an automobile when the location of impact is at 30% to 100% overlap of the width of the car to the guard. Complies with all applicable U.S. and Canadian regulations.

Platen foamed sides and roof -- The Stoughton insulating process ensures that the trailer is fully insulated in 360 degrees with no voids or uneven areas.

Aluminum crossmembers -- The extruded aluminum cross members provide a strong yet lightweight floor. Floor ratings will be 12,000 pounds in the standard configuration and 16,000 pounds for the heavy-duty models.

Jim Park

Jim Park

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