Photo: FreightRover

Photo: FreightRover

Indianapolis-based online freight exchange platform FreightRover has partnered with Celadon Trucking to provide the company’s owner-operators with self-dispatch features.

Through the FreightRover mobile app, drivers have access to load visibility, can connect with their driver managers and manage day-to-day operations. FreightRover initially partnered with Celadon to test its platform and launched nationally on Jan. 31.

“We continuously look for ways to improve upon our operational efficiency and driver retention initiatives,” said Eric Meek, president and COO of Celadon. “We believe the service FreightRover provides can help us to support our corporate goals through allowing our owner-operators to be more independent and providing more freight options for them.”

FreightRover integrates with a shipper, broker, or carrier’s TMS system and allows for a hands-off load process from order through load completion.

Carriers using FreightRover can restrict drivers to their personal loads or allow them to request loads from the marketplace.

Shippers and brokers will have the option to post loads to a specific group of carriers and drivers on the “Select” board, or expand business to more partners in the “Open” market.

All FreightRover users have access to real-time load tracking, full visibility to rates and appointment times, and the ability to message each party to a specific load. Users also receive intelligent load status updates through geofencing, which restricts results based on the current location reported by GPS.

“Our goal has been to create an intelligent and adaptable interface that’s able to fit the needs of any driver, carrier, or shipper,” said Michael Pecchia, president of FreightRover. “Through our partnership with Celadon, both of our teams have seen tremendous value for future growth. Now, we are excited to expand FreightRover’s reach.”

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