The American Trucking Associations this week inducted its first female chairman. Barbara Windsor is president and CEO of Hahn Transportation, New Market, Md., a specialized regional trucking firm that hauls refined petroleum and construction materials throughout the Mid-Atlantic corridor.

Back in 1933, during Great Depression, a Maryland farmer and his wife made the decision to give up farming. They moved to the nearby town with their two young daughters and started trucking. That man, James Russell Hahn, was Windsor's grandfather.

"Early on he knew how essential trucking was to everyone, especially the Maryland farmers - moving the crops from the fields to the canneries, the milk from the farm to the creameries, the coal or oil to the homes, schools and hospitals for heat," Windsor recalled during her induction ceremony.

James Hahn went on to become a chairman of the Maryland Motor Truck Association in 1967. His daughter, Rebecca Hahn Windsor, would become the first female chairman of MMTA in 1988.

In 1997, Barbara Windsor became the second female chairman of MMTA, following her mother. She is also active in the National Tank Truck Carriers.

Both of her parents, Rebecca Hahn Windsor and Robert Windsor, now retired, were very active in the day to day operations of the business. While trucking was in the family's roots, her parents always encouraged her to pursue her own dreams.

Windsor took her parents' message to heart. Prior to joining them at Hahn in 1991, she lived in Kansas City where she was employed by Trans World Airlines for 20 years. But she kept up with the family business.

"I really wish my grandfather could be here to see his granddaughter very proudly and humbly accept the chairmanship of this great organization that he believed in and supported for many years. His legacy lives on."