Phillips Connect will launch CargoVision, SolarNet and StealthNet in the second and third...

Phillips Connect will launch CargoVision, SolarNet and StealthNet in the second and third quarter of 2023.

Photo: Phillips Connect

Phillips Connect is gearing up to produce several smart trailer products later this year in North America. The products will be produced in Phillips’ newly build production facility in Arteaga, Mexico.

Phillips Connect CargoVision

At end of the second quarter, Phillips Connect will begin producing its solar-powered CargoVision camera in the new facility. In the third quarter, the company will also launch a puck version.

Phillips Connect’s interior cargo camera captures the status of a load in real time. There are two versions, one is solar-powered and one is a new wired puck version that is mounted on the inside of a trailer using a simple harness.

“We’ve sold about 50,000 of these just in the last year,” Phillips Connect CEO and President Rob Phillips said during a tour of the Phillips Connect building in Mexico. “It’s a great way to get full visibility inside your trailers, whether it’s for security reasons, or if it’s for leasing companies that have problems when they lease a trailer out.”

Phillips Connect SolarNet

In the third quarter is Phillips Connect’s SolarNet asset tracking gateway will be produced in and shipped from the facility. SolarNet can be plugged into a harness or rely strictly on solar power. There is a secondary version that has ultrasonic carbon detection built into it.

When installed on the nose of at trailer, SolarNet can detect if a trailer is loaded or empty.

Phillips Connect StealthNet

StealthNet will be produced alongside SolarNet in the third quarter. It is a trailer asset tracker that is mounted underneath the trailer.

“This is a great product because it’s really scalable,” Phillips said. “You can add all kinds of sensors to it, whether its tire pressure or a door open and close sensor. It can connect to [CargoVision cameras].”

[Editor's Note: This article and its headline were updated on March 15 at 2 p.m. CT to correct and clarify that Phillips will begin producing these products in North America this year. The products themselves, though, had been introduced previously. The puck version of CargoVision is the only product listed here that will be newly launch in 2023.]

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