-  Photo: Whiting Systems

Photo: Whiting Systems

Whiting Systems now offers the Graco SaniSpray HP20 Cordless, a portable disinfectant sprayer solution, to increase the ability to disinfect surfaces quicker and more efficiently.

The HP20 finishes small or large areas with minimal effort by the applicator while using Whiting’s Pure SDC Silver Dihydrogen Citrate disinfectant. 

“We want to protect against more than just COVID-19 with our products and applicators. We want to decrease the common cold, flu and other sicknesses that keep our assets from being healthy,” said Jason Rhoads, Whiting’s director of marketing. “With Whiting’s patented Pure Silver, there is no mixing or diluting, you just fill the 42-ounce cup, purge air, prime, and go.”

All components and products are made in the U.S., according to Whiting Systems President Russ Whiting, stressing the need to continue to protect the public, whether in Class 8 trucks or school buses and classrooms, from the COVID-19 outbreak.

“As Whiting Systems continues to be the leader in mitigating costly downtime in the transportation industry, we knew investing in research and development of a better applicator was a priority and we believe we have that product now,” he added.