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Wide base tires are thought to suffer premature wear. That’s sometimes the case but it’s not universally true.
Preventing Irregular Wear on Wide-Base Tires
By Jim Park
Do wide-base single tires wear differently than standard tires in dual assemblies? We address that question and give tips on how proper care of your wide-base single tires can improve their life and ROI.
Photo via Haldex
A Step-by-Step Approach to Brake Maintenance
By Haldex
Taking shortcuts when doing a brake job can lead to problems such as uneven wear and substandard braking performance.
Photo courtesy of Bendix
Maintaining S-Cam Foundation Brakes
By Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems
S-cam drum brakes are a familiar sight to every wheel-end technician in the North American trucking industry. These preventive maintenance guidelines can elevate the effectiveness of regular brake jobs.
The very pavement you drive upon is chewing away at your tires, mile after mile. Photo by Jim Park
When the Road Meets the Rubber
By Jim Park
Irregular or accelerated tire wear is annoying and expensive, but there's something else eating away at your expensive assets: the pavement itself.
The presence of water or other fluid mixed with diesel fuel is clearly apparent from the stratification shown here. 
Keeping Diesel Fuel Clean
By Deborah Lockridge
If you don’t take steps to keep diesel fuel clean, it can degrade your fuel economy, damage expensive fuel system components and cause downtime. That’s never been more important than today.

Maintenance News

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TruckPro Acquires Power Train Service
TruckPro has completed the purchase of Power Train Service, a provider of heavy-duty aftermarket truck parts, fleet maintenance, remanufacturing, and mobile repair services.
Accuride Increases Second Quarter Profit
By Evan Lockridge
Truck component manufacturer Accuride achieved record profitability in the second quarter of the year and a big improvement from the first quarter.
Cresson, Texas-based 3 Star Daylighting recently took delivery of the 25,000th Mack truck model equipped with Mack GuardDog Connect. Photo via Mack
GuardDog Connect Telematics in 25,000 Mack Trucks
Mack Trucks has activated its GuardDog Connect integrated telematics solution in more than 25,000 models since the product launched in 2014.
OOS Violations Down in This Year's Brake Check
Out of service brake violations dropped slightly this year during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual, unannounced brake check day.
Brake Safety Week Set for September
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that this year's Brake Safety Week will take place from Sept. 6 - 12.
Canadian military will get more than 1,500 "medium" 8x8 trucks in various configurations, including cargo, crane, load handling and mobile repair. 
Mack Defense Signs Big Contracts With Canadian Military
Contracts worth C$725 million include more than 1,500 heavy 8x8 trucks, 300 trailers and 150 Armour Protection Systems.
EPA Sues Navistar, Says Some Engines Were Illegal
By Tom Berg
Because 7,750 engines were not fully assembled in 2009 but in 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency says Navistar should have obtained an exemption in the form of a certificate of compliance, but didn’t.
Peterbilt’s SmartLinq in Production
Peterbilt's new SmartLinq remote diagnostics technology is in production, a factory-installed system on all trucks equipped with Paccar MX-13 engines.
Dave Nemo
TMC's Tech Talk to Celebrate 500th Broadcast
The weekly program covers issues involving maintenance, inspection and specification of brakes, on-board vehicle electronics and electrical systems, engines, seating, tires and more.
Goodyear Expands Commercial Tire & Service Center Network
The Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Network is expanding with the opening of three new locations.


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JPRO 2015 V2 Includes Detroit Diesel Module Noregon Systems JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics 2015 v2 is the latest update to the diagnostics software platform.
Compact GXL Work Light Designed for Brightness Golight’s GXL 4021 LED work light is designed to be compact and bright by combining four clusters of LED’s into a small package.
Minimizer Work Benches Are Convenient for Repair Minimizer’s Single and Tandem Work Benches are designed to sit on a truck’s tires to hold tools during a repair job.
Giti Tire's (USA) GT Radial GDR619 Giti Rolls Out Regional, Mixed-Service Drive Tires Giti Tire offers two new drive tires, one a medium-duty regional tire, the other a heavy-duty mixed-service tire for on/off road applications.
Webb to Offer Line of Automatic Slack Adjusters Webb Wheel Products is expanding its product offerings to include a line of clearance sensing automatic brake adjusters.
Learn How Micron Filtration Will Benefit Your Fleet
Learn more about a surprising new technology that can save you time and money on maintenance costs.
Reman Parts Gaining More Favor with Truck Operators
Remanufactured components are a smart price-point alternative for fleets of all sizes and vehicles of all ages given the current market economic conditions. Meritor examines this trend in a whitepaper.


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