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5 Tips to Keep Your Battery Running in the Summer Heat
If you think the summer weather is easier on your battery than last winter's polar vortex, think again.
<p><em>Photo: Jim Park</em></p> By By Phil Shumard and Maria Orlando-Krick, EnerSys
While warmer temperatures help to increase battery capacity, making it easier to turn over the engine, they also cause an increase in the rate at which the battery deteriorates. When the temperature is warmer, the current conducting grids corrode faster, reducing the life of your battery.
5 Keys to Best Parts-Buying Practices
Price is just one factor in the purchasing equation.
By Denise Rondini
Trucks are on the road much longer than they used to be, and that translates into a greater demand and investment in parts, service, and ongoing maintenance. Which means parts purchasing decisions more important than ever.
Oil Viscosity: How Low Can You Go?
The lowdown on the new low-viscosity oils.
<p>Chevron conducted a live teardown of a Detroit DD15 engine, with more than 400,000 miles of service using Delo 400 XLE 10W-30, during the Mid-America Trucking Show. <em>Photo: Evan Lockridge</em></p> By Deborah Lockridge
To meet expected greenhouse gas/fuel efficiency standards, oil companies and engine makers have been busy developing a new standard for engine oils that will provide a new type of lower-viscosity oil to improve engine efficiency.
Has the U.S. SmartWay Program Helped Retreading?
By Jim Park
With regulations affecting how fleets fit their wheels, the retreading industry is still deciding whether or not the inclusion of verified low-rolling-resistance tires on the EPA's SmartWay list has helped the industry.
Nitrogen Tire Inflation: Still in the Game?
Nitrogen is used in earth-mover tires, aircraft tires, high-speed racing tires and others. Can it be justified for truck fleets?
<p>Nitrogen inflation is used in many specialty applications, but its ROI in heavy trucks is less clear. <em>Photo by Dmirty A. Mottl, via Creative Commons.</em></p> By Jim Park
We don't hear much these days about nitrogen tire inflation systems for heavy trucks. They are still out there, and some users are reporting good results from their installations. Still, the ROI is hard to quantify. Using nitrogen won't hurt your tires, but there might be better ways to spend your tire maintenance dollars.


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Heavy-Duty Inground Lift Offers Higher Capacity Rotary Lift's modular, environmentally friendly, heavy-duty inground lift, the MOD35 Series, offers improved lifting capacity, patent-pending pendant controls, and reduced installation costs.
Solar-brand Jump Starter Features Enhanced Automatic Charging System The 12/24 Volt commercial jump starter provides jumps for numerous environments where heavy-duty jumpstarting is a regular occurrence.
New Snap-on Pocket Light is Bright, Compact Snap-on's colorful and compact LED flashlight has a place in every technician's toolbox
Davco Adds Coolant Heat to Fuel Pro 483 Davco has added a coolant heat option to its model 483 fuel/water separator to prevent fuel gelling in cold weather operation
Thin, Durable Trailer LEDs from Phillips Now Available to Aftermarket A line of thin, durable lamps initially introduced at the Technology & Maintenance Council meeting this spring by Phillips Industries is now available in the aftermarket.


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