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Season 5 Episode 4 Fuel Economy Testing Pioneers Chuck Blake and Bob Wessels

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Chuck Blake and Bob Wessels hardly need an introduction, but for the record, Chuck was Detroit Diesel's senior technical support manager when he retired in 2018, and Bob was the assistant chief engineer and a project manager at Caterpillar when he retired in 2006. Together, they charted new territory in fuel economy testing and validation. Under the auspices of the ATA's Technology and Maintenance Council, Bob and Chuck, along with several other partners in crime, basically wrote the book on fuel testing, producing the TMC/SAE Type II (RP 1102) "In-Service Fuel Consumption Test Procedure.” As TMC's Robert Braswell writes, they recognized the need for "real world" testing supported by real science that fleets could believe, use, and understand. In this episode, Bob and Chuck share some of the lessons they learned and few tales from the fuel-economy testing trenches.

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