TMC is partnering with Pit Group, an organization known for thorough testing and engineering...

TMC is partnering with Pit Group, an organization known for thorough testing and engineering projects.

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The American Trucking Association’s Technology & Maintenance Council and the PIT Group of FPInnovations have reached a deal tto form a collaborative partnership.

TMC will partner with PIT Group in field testing and truck engineering projects, while PIT Group will offer TMC members access to their engineering services at a discounted rate. As part of the new collaboration, PITGroup and TMC are committing to a number of obligations, including engineering advice, discounts on Fleet Review Services, technical data, and a shared presence at annual meetings as well as on both organizations’ websites.

“This new partnership will provide our members significant new opportunities to access PIT Group’s engineering expertise, while creating new chances for our industry to test technical theories in the field,” said Robert Braswell, TMC executive director.

PIT Group is a Quebec-basedresearch and engineering group focused on improving fleet maintenance and operations in the North American transportation industry.

“Providing strategic engineering services for the both of these groups, they will enjoy the benefits of professional testing utilizing the latest of applied technical techniques in addition to having a dedicated technical center at their disposal,” said Dwayne O. Haug, business development consultant. “This will further facilitate the acceleration of new technology and its implementation into the member fleets and our transportation industry.”

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