Petro-Canada Lubricants has announced its Traxon gear oil line has now expanded to include Traxon Synthetic MTF 75W-80.

The gear oil is a commercial vehicle manual transmission fluid, formulated to provide extended drain capability (up to 250,000 miles), deliver all-weather protection, and reduce maintenance costs.

The new product is recommended for extended drain service in class 6, 7, and 8 manual transmissions, and has been fully approved by Volvo and Mack for use in their synchronized automated manual transmission applications such as the Volvo I-Shift and Mack mDRIVE.

The product has been specifically formulated to limit drag losses and reduce fuel consumption versus conventional manual transmission fluid and API GL-4 axle SAE 80W-90 / 75W-90 oils or higher viscosity grades.  It also delivers improved oxidation stability to resist deposits and sludge formation which reduces issues with transmission shifting, system efficiency and equipment functionality.

 “We are thrilled to enhance the Traxon product line. We are committed to developing top-tier products that deliver operational excellence and cost-saving results for our customers,” said Barnaby Ngai, category portfolio manager, heavy duty engine and driveline oils, Petro-Canada Lubricants. “The unique fuel efficient formulation is an advanced product to meet the future demands of new hardware, and is testament to raising the bar on our heavy duty driveline offering.”